Love is in the air…

It’s been a whirlwind few years of romance for our friendship group. So many engagements and weddings, each of them beautiful and unique..I’ll admit that time and time again I’m reduced to tears seeing my amazing friends so happy. As I’m personally not much a romantic myself, I’m amazed that I can love weddings so much. But there is something truly beautiful about a day that epitomizes the couple and their love…especially when the day is a perfect reflection of who they are together.

This weekend we have a wedding in the little town of Nhill, Victoria. I write in future tense even though this will need to be published next week to make sure I don’t ruin my own surprise! As a little gift to the lovely bride and groom for their new home I’ve picked up a set of super cute retro cookie tins and will fill them to the brink with decorated sugar cookies to match their rustic country wedding.


On a whim last year I decided to take a cookie decorating course with the amazing ‘Miss Biscuit’, based in Melbourne and I cannot rave about her enough. The course was fantastic, only a quick 2 hr introduction to Christmas themed cookies but the skills you learn and the enthusiasm you feed off in the room is worth every penny; as is her coveted sugar cookie and royal icing recipes! Given that these aren’t my secret to tell, I won’t be publishing on here but here are a few links to recipes that other use and rave about. My tip though; jump onto the Miss Biscuit recipe and purchase her recipes.

One day I will work myself up to a tutorial for a step by step on how to decorate the cookies but at the moment my process is just too damn messy to share with the world! In the meantime, handy links are below and the trial and error process is a whole heap of fun…

Alternate Sugar cookie recipe;


Happy cookie’ing!

Snoz xx

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