Raspberry and Rosewater Cake


Raspberry Rosewater Cake for the win!

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful women out there! Whether you be a wonder-Mum to whole tribe, first time Mum, Mum to be or hell, a Mum to fur-babies (Like me!) then I hope you had a wonderful day on the weekend. I’m not a fan of anything overtly commercial to be honest but I can never see the harm in celebrating any holiday- Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day etc are all what you make it in my humble opinion. Just bypass the Hallmark card and focus on what is really important; family.


My lovely Mum and I

This year, Mum and I escaped down to the Mornington Peninsula for a girls day- there was markets, shopping, Bellini’s and a lovely walk through a local sculpture park. A chilled but great day spending time with Mum.

I’m forming a habit of baking cakes to celebrate any occasion. I really try to give handmade gifts as much as possible and to be entirely honest my creative capabilities don’t really extend too far….so cakes and bakes it is!

This little gem was made using a brilliant base recipe from Sprinkle Bakes; you can find the recipe here; Sprinkle Bakes Raspberry Rose Water Cake. This is a brilliant layer cake recipe with a to-die-for Raspberry puree that just makes the cake. The rose water is perfect to pair with Raspberry, making it a lovely feminine and light cake.

The only little tweak I made to this cake is the decoration. Sprinkle Bake’s cake is beyond gorgeous but I was wanting to incorporate some fondant painting I’ve been playing around with. This honestly looks more impressive than it was I think.

All you need are some food colouring gels and rose water spirit (available from any good decorating store). Mix a touch of your gels with a dash of the spirit and you get a brilliant water colour like paint for your fondant!

A few tips;

*Roll out and paint your fondant in advance. I painted the fondant a day before and would have been happier to have this a little drier for adhering to the cake.
*When adhering to the cake when dried be very wary of trying to wrap the fondant onto a curve- you will 100% crack the fondant!
* There are endless possibility with the fondant painting! Be as creative as you like, I feel like this medium is a little easier to get some stunning and unique results compared to traditional piping.

Happy baking!

Snoz xx