Meet Snoz

This blog has come about in a fit of sugar induced creativity, self-delusion and enthusiasm. I’m a project manager by day, book nerd by night…and now baking blogger thrown into the mix? Sounds crazy even to me.

I love to bake as a hobby but would never consider myself a serious Baker. I’m working with an electric mixer that is older than I am, still buy the poor quality butter even though I know it’s a baking cardinal sin and am never able to follow a recipe without a few tweaks.

It was during a recent recipe hunt that I realised; the messy, imperfect baker is not well represented. Yes, there are many beautiful pristine kitchens complete with rustic display boards, kitchen aids and 2.5 smiling children. But where are bakers who create more mess than should be humanely possible? The bakers who set fire to their caramel sauce and all nearby tea towels? (And yes, I am drawing on past experiences here)

But more than anything else this blog has been born because I thought to myself “this sounds like fun”. The older I get the more I realise that we should embrace all the things we enjoy.The point here is certainly not for a large readership and to swiftly become my generation’s Nigella. Quite the opposite. In fact, if you are reading this, I am already over my quota of anticipated readers! Well done all!

The aim here is for a little fun and to give me another excuse to continue my love of cooking, so feel free to peruse some recipes and laugh at what will most probably be quite a few cake fails.
Yours in baking,


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